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Momma Kate Meets the Tooth Fairy (written by a mother and son)

“Thank God! She got us here one more time,” piped Kate, patting the dusty, cracked dashboard and winking at her four-year old son, Max, who was intently wiggling his tooth. … Continue reading

October 4, 2013 · 8 Comments

A Helping of Love

I’m watching my little family eat. You know you really love someone when you watch them eat in their own home, when they feel no one is watching, and you … Continue reading

October 2, 2013 · 9 Comments

Autism: How Did I Know?

Josiah ran from table to chair, silent, other than some occasional monosyllables. He took the shiny magazines off the doctor’s end table and lay down on the floor, beginning his … Continue reading

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Change of Perspective: Looking through the Lens of Autism

My son is gathering change “for the library”. Gathering change IS a change. Josiah is 13 and goes to the library because of two things: friends hang out there and … Continue reading

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Seeking Feedback: Do you publish under a pseudonym?

In finally pursuing my passion in writing, I am being smart–I take the advice from those more experienced than I. Humility allows for wisdom and growth. For example, one author … Continue reading

September 27, 2013 · 6 Comments

Ma’am Can You Help Me?

The sun shone brilliantly, off-setting the grumpy mood of my two adolescent children arguing with one another as we headed towards the car. “I want to sit in the front! … Continue reading

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My awkward walk struggled to reach you, pulling my bat and ball and miniature glove. Will you play today, Daddy? Will you be with me today? Your blue eyes looked … Continue reading

September 20, 2013 · 2 Comments