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Snapshot of the Day’s Start… or Lack of Start

The tendrils of air slipping into my bedroom by way of a cracked window were clean and crisp. As they touched my cheeks and brushed my brow, I burrowed deeper into my down comforter. My mind, like a young child, protested against the thought of getting up — No, lets snuggle under the blankets a bit longer!
I listened for the children and heard nothing. Hmmm. Let’s peek and make sure they are okay. I slid out from under the covers, and breathed in sharply when my bare legs hit the cool air as bare feet touched the cool hardwood. I quickly dismissed get my robe, wanting to hang onto the sleepy fuzzy feeling, which meant keeping this task simple and quick. The slight chill in the air motivated me to move quickly. Goosebumps covered my arms and legs as I tentatively cracked his door… just enough for a mother’s view.

My childish side lept as my mother’s side was touched with love. Josiah was wrapped in his comforter like a cocoon, even his head covered. His breathing was barely audible, but deep and even. He was still deep asleep. After quietly closing his door, I tip-toed to my youngest’s room. She was a much lighter sleeper. I was happy last week I had oiled her door with WD-40 when she was down with a virus. The door opened silently, allowing a glance into her pink room. The floor was littered with Barbies from a late night search for something. Her long locks were across her cheek, her breathing was even, only her left eye visible, showing dream sleep as it darted under her closed lid.

Nothing is as beautiful as your child sleeping. Lips like rosebuds under a tiny nose. I felt a swelling in my heart’s home. A mother’s love seeps out sometimes. Two frailities collide. Love and vulnerable innocence on a young face.

Careful as a surgeon, I closed her door and released the breath I unconsciously was holding. A sleepy grin of gauzy joy revealed my heart. Feeling young and irresponsible, I lept into bed despite my forty-something frame.

Jay was gone, leaving a Jack Russell mix my only bedmate. Our terrier had smartly remained in the bed — burrowed under the folds and layers, as if sleeping in an abandoned fox hole. He snorted a protest at my invasion, yet immediately, reconsidered and snuggled up in a tiny circle by my side. I wriggled my legs about until the sheets and white comforter were encasing each leg, so my knees didn’t touch. A habit from my childhood. I wiggled and snuggled til my feather pillow cradled my head just right. Cool linen and a warm dog.

I will just stay here for ten more minutes. Twenty at most.
My lids quickly became heavy. The delicous state between sleep and wake enveloped me. The tiny wisps of cool air began a tender dance, lifting a few hairs and dropping them again. I languished and lingered — not wanting to lose awareness of this soothing feeling.

My breathing slowed until I too was a sleepy child, in a bed, lulled back to slumber. Surely, my Creator, peeked in silently and smiled.

2 comments on “Snapshot of the Day’s Start… or Lack of Start

  1. Gaye Drady
    October 3, 2013

    Beautiful, Linda, you have described so well a simple moment in home life and motherhood. I really enjoyed it.
    Kind regards, Gaye

    • Linda
      October 3, 2013

      Thank you… It was truly wonderful to be able to go back to bed!! The simple things we treasure as women… and humans.

      Sent from my iPad


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