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“Wave and Pay,” Not Good Enough for My Kids

I just saw an article on Facebook enthusiastically commending two young adults for leaving the right amount of money on the counter of a closed store for some items they purchased. Batteries and sunglasses were mentioned, as was, they paid tax, and waved money in front of the camera, as if saying, “look I am following the law“.

Maybe it’s because I have a virus and with illness my mind is less open to throwing kudos to people for trespassing and then paying for the items they took.


I was further annoyed one of the Facebook commenters mentioned the consumers were black, as if a black young adult does not pay for things. This primitive thinking ruffled me, yet experience has taught me not to argue with a racist. Values cannot be altered easily.

On another level, I am disturbed; has our society become so nether-world we hi-light when somebody does right? I do believe the youth should be affirmed for their good choice to pay, rather it is sad the news portraying “goodness in the world” is a teen paying for batteries.

Heck, my two children volunteer regularly and one has autism, it appears I am remiss in forgetting to notify the authorities and local new stations a miraculous event is going down,

I cannot remember who wrote about individuals rising to the level of expectation and the risk of lowering standards/expectations…. I get it now on this day which I thought was shot. Although achy and feverish, I can still clearly see something is awry.

I shall return to my positive self once well, but for now I am expecting more from my children. They will have to do more than “wave and pay” before their mother will write about it. Cruel I know.

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