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Randomly Kind in Random Ways

Random acts of kindness, in my little love family is the norm.
(My biological family is small. I have a love family– including my limited biological family, and some thoughtfully chosen friends who I love dearly. Each person I chose to bring into my family has different roles. Some are brothers/sisters, some are maternal, some are daughters. All are important.)

I believe my initiating random kindness, not only drew positive people to me, but also motivated my children to default to kindness. A family who performs random acts of kindness creates an atmosphere woven with love and smiles. Kindness does not have to be grandiose. Even if it is merely a well-timed smile across the room saying, “You can do this, I believe in you.”


In my Family of Love, we leave silly messages for one another to bring smiles. We call and text for no reason– it’s the contact. We write “I love you” on the mirror with dry erase markers or scrape the frosty glaze from car windows in winter. We share chocolate, even when our brain says, “I want it all”, our heart says, “Here’s half for you.”

Kindness randomly placed and paid forward has amazing results. I am thrilled when a minor act of thoughtful kindness causes someone to respond with “You have no idea how bad I needed that right now.” I, being Christian, attribute those to God; as I am only a vessel. I believe in many instances I am responding to the promptings of the divine. Some call it the Universe, being in the Flow or being the hands of Christ. I do know it’s happened too many times to be a coincidence, so I choose to see God.

Randomly Kind is also Randomly Fun…

My Second Mother (Love Mother) is having some real struggles right now. Life is peaks and valleys, and this is a valley chapter for her. We share a warped, yet wonderful sense of humor. So the other day, during a walk with my dog, I saw a tree.

I know, I know… so what? Right? You saw a tree on a walk, big deal. This tree was different and I didn’t notice until now. I’d walked past it dozens of times. This tree had a strange, yet unique knot or growth in its’ trunk. I looked at it from a couple of different angles and the result was the same. The knot, with its’ strange puckering around the hole was unusual.

So I promptly called “Second Mother” and left a voicemail and told her I had just seen the unbelievable, the rare and fascinating. I was standing in front of a tree which clearly had an asshole. (I shall add her valley is caused by some asshole behaviors right now). Then I told her I loved her and hung up. I then tried to take a picture, but the owner of the house apparently noticed my odd behavior. He opened his door, darn near filled the doorway with his broad shoulders, and in a guttural voice shouts , “Can I help you?!”. Well, I was not going to loiter,nor ask if I could take a picture of his asshole. I know when I am a moment’s notice from a 911 call or being shot. I smiled, waved bye, and ambled on with my dog.

I knew this guy was not to be messed with — people who rip sleeves off flannel shirts would not appreciate the humor I found in his tree. Well, not from a stranger anyway. I fought the urge to go back. But damn, “Mother” would have loved a pic to go with the voicemail! Logic won. (But! I AM waiting for another opportunity to get the picture of the asshole tree. When I do, I shall post it proudly 🙂

Anyway, give Randomly Kind in Random ways a try …
Life is never the same if you keep it up 🙂

Your Random Writer,

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