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Life Causes Health Problems

It seems every thing I like causes some sort of cancer, heart issue, sensitivity to migraines, hypertension, gastrointestinal issues or inflammatory process. It’s almost ridiculous. Last week, I grabbed my favorite beverage and after listening to the satisfying crisp fizz sound after popping the tab, my neighbor says, “You know that sweetener not only causes cancer, but I read yesterday it makes arthritis worse.”

imageNow this friendly, yet irritating reminder occurred mere hours after my annual (well, I’m always late, so my 18 month) physical with my primary care doctor. When I told my doctor I had suffered from a few migraines lately, I was promptly provided a list of foods to avoid. Now one expects to see chocolate and wine on the list, and of course MSG. However, when I’m told super fruits like avocados and bananas and all citrus fruits are possible culprits, an annoyed sigh is definitely called for in times like this.


I am a self-confessed sun worshipper, and the repercussions of over-indulging the sun without slathering ourselves with sun block are well documented. However, my teens and 20’s probably did me in and I don’t know it yet. Those were the years of tanning with baby oil as one lay upon a crinkly, reflective blanket; and between the baby oil and sweat, you slid like buttered noodles on a spoon. It was never as comfortable as the advertisements look. (I believe they market them now as thermal blankets.)


I love to write (and read), which entails sitting. I’m not fully educated on the full spectrum of risks, yet I know I am to maintain perfect posture with feet flat on the floor. Okay, but then my creative juices are impaired as my mind continually double-checks, “Is my spine erect, oops, my ankles are crossed again.” Also, I need to balance hours sitting with hours moving to keep the ol’ ticker healthy… or become a mailman .

So if I become a mailman, I will have a healthy heart (if I get a walking route) and reduced risk of diabetes, but then my back and shoulder will be screwed from carrying the bag. Ask anyone who works for Workman’s Compensation claims and they could probably add other issues resulting from excessive walking, such as foot and knee disorders.

So the best I deduce I can do is apply healthy balance in all areas, and remember life is life … and none of us get out of it alive….

One comment on “Life Causes Health Problems

  1. lindasreflection
    August 23, 2013

    What? Bacon is cancerous?! Well, I can moderate bacon…. and look for preservative free. 😦 However, there are some things that just are not open for negotiation– chocolate being in the top 5. Even if it is remotely connected to something negative, I’m still eating it. 😉
    Balance is the best I can do. And remember 10 out 10 people die eventually anyway. I can live/die with chocolate in my mouth 😉

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