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Eavesdropping on my Afternoon

My son makes me laugh. The elevator doors whooshed open and with a smooth sweeping motion, he said to me, along with a distinguished elderly woman wearing lipstick that was too pink and an attractive lady in her early 20’s, “After you miss, Ms. and … yeah, you too Mom.” The young woman snickered giving him the audience needed. I was secretly amused and proud of my 13 year old son’s attempt to elicit attention– real life examples helped him to better sort through what is proper etiquette. And in this case, when in the presence of young, attractive females. Josiah didn’t need much encouragement, and attempted to impress the woman who, though gorgeous, was clearly too old for him. He was not detoured.

“Hey, did you know my mom did a study about this in college?” he says as he walks up to the back wall of the elevator, stands perfectly erect and silent and continues to stair at the wall. I punch three and the other two said in unison, “Four please.”

The doors closed and Josiah’s mouth opened.

“Yeah, my mom was taking a psych course and was supposed to do something against the norms of society and record the response of those around her.Sooo,” he paused as the elevator stopped and a mother with a stroller squeezed in.

“Anyway, she had a friend watch for reactions of her doing this. It really freaked people out.”

Seeing the expression of the mother with a stroller, she was clearly discombobulated disturbed watching for Josiah staring at the back wall. I, as is the norm, looked at the elevator numbers and tried to keep from smiling. The woman with the stroller starting speaking sharply Spanish to her toddler in the stroller when the small child leaned over as if to grab Josiah’s hairy leg, adolescent calf.

The elevator came to a stop and Josiah turned around. “This is my floor,” and started to scoot around the woman with the baby while giving the 20 something Taylor Swift look-alike his most charming adolescent smile.

You should try it sometime,” he chuckles. “It really is fun to go against the norm.”

The woman who joined us on two with her toddler stared and stared. Her eyes were round and glassy with definite concern. English or Spanish, she would have nothing positive to say about her short trip on the elevator. Me? I chuckled quietly over my my silly teenager who tried to impress a girl. I didn’t apologize for his quirky ways like I used to in former years. I just smiled my serene smile as we exited the elevator. Woody Allen would have been proud.

I love having a child with Asperger’s. They really know how to live!!!

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