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Coffee on the Porch

DaisyCoffeeI recently made the decision to live life more mindfully. This decision came following the loss of two family members in a few years — my mother and sister; and getting my own reality check four months later through a motor vehicle accident I should not have lived through, yet was spared. I was able to walk away from a totaled car. This occurred also at a time I hit what society deems as “hitting mid-life.” Combined, these factors caused me to do some soul searching and see I needed to focus more on my loved ones, and simply living life versus getting things done in life.

So, having made this new decision to take a Sabbatical from full-time work, here I was a few days later alone on my back porch. Alone time was a new venture as well. The last 27 years were filled full-time work or college, along with parenting three children– which was enjoyed, but days were packed from dawn to midnight. Hence, sipping coffee leisurely on my backporch versus, quick gulps from a travel mug in a car on my way to appointments, felt like playing hookey. Not yet comfortable, but still enjoyable. It was as if I was borrowing someone else’s car and driving it. But it wasn’t someone else’s car or life, this was my new life now.

I closed my eyes and tuned into the moment– attempting to just “be”. I note first the fresh smell of the morning breeze– it’s touch just enough to gently rearrange my hair and bring soft soothing notes from my wind chimes. I pushed the chatter from my mind telling me to get the laundry folded and water the plants tuning into the vibration of sounds by the wind chimes– noting the linger of the tone. I’d had these chimes for years, purchasing them specifically because the tone seemed to literally resonate with my soul, yet until this moment I had failed to give myself permission to listen to the richness of their notes.

The midwest sun was still hours from reaching its’ peak which, paired with humidity can be brutal in July and August. An overnight downpour brought the temperature down and life back to the garden– the pansies were perky, and the daises no longer were blemished with dust of a dehydrated earth. Life was beginning again in full dimensions!

This was the best cup of coffee I ever had!


7 comments on “Coffee on the Porch

  1. April
    August 12, 2013

    It’s a shame that we feel like we have to give ourselves permission to take time out and savor the moments around us. Good for you for taking that time out and I hope you are able to do more of it!

    • lindasreflection
      August 13, 2013

      April, I agree. I confess. the older I get, the more comfortable in making the most of the moment, even if it means having to sacrifice in other areas. I define success differently now than I would have 15 to 20 years ago. Thanks for your support.
      PS I love your page, by the way 🙂

      • April
        August 13, 2013

        I agree with you on the definition of success. I find myself seeing success in a new light these days.

        Thank you for visiting my site and your words of encouragement.

  2. April
    August 12, 2013

    Is there a place where I can subscribe to your site?

    • lindasreflection
      August 12, 2013

      Hi there April… I am looking to see if I changed a setting accidentally, as I know I have rec’d alerts others have subscribed. Thank you so much for asking. I am new to WordPress and probably made a techno error.

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  4. lindasreflection
    August 12, 2013

    April, to Subscribe or Follow me:
    There is a Thin Black Bar at the tippity top of my page, click +Follow and that should do the trick.
    Because it is so subtle, I may change themes. Again, I greatly appreciate your bringing this to my attention.
    Grace and Peace,
    Linda Thomas 🙂

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