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Living and Loving as an ADD Adult

I have probably had Attention Deficit Disorder all my life, however, it was not diagnosed until my 30’s when balancing motherhood with college and work. I initially wrote it off … Continue reading

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The Yardstick Question

I walked into a stuffy, upper middle class echelon charity event the other day and did my psych/mental health thing. I cannot help but do the “analyze thing” in environments … Continue reading

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Children and Puberty

“I hate you!” as tears streamed and feet stomped their way back to her room. If the thick carpet had not prevented it, she would have slammed the door. I … Continue reading

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Reflection on the Little Things

Now solidly in my 40s, I am able to accept my path is not my destination. This reality has allowed me to get through some horrible events in life: divorce, … Continue reading

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Typing with Smith Corona

I just went through 48 hours without ability to write. Well, I technically could write, yet my normal, comfortable avenue for writing was not accessible. Once I learned to type … Continue reading

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Oh, just call us “husky”…or maybe, Your Highness

Originally posted on Broadside:
By Caitlin Kelly According to Urban Dictionary, that’s what moms tells their overweight sons to soothe them — “You’re just husky.”                       OMG. I wear an…

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A workshop on writing- for free, no less! saved me from demons, thousands of tears, dollars, hours in therapy prepared me to wrestle- yet, not defeat. My own words, with … Continue reading

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